Cosworth supercharger for NC Mazda Miata almost ready

Until the Mazdaspeed version of the MX-5 makes its debut, those of us looking for forced-induction power from Mazda's NC Miata must turn to the aftermarket. Of all the tuning firms looking to turbo- or supercharge the new MX-5, Cosworth has both the reputation and technological prowess to pull it off sans drama.

According to Eric Hsu, founder of XS Engineering and current Cosworth engineer, despite some setbacks, Cosworth will be releasing its bolt-on supercharger soon. The setup produces approximately 210 hp at the wheels, looks OEM clean and is designed to be legal in all 50 states. But Cosworth isn't stopping there. Hsu says that a Stage 2 version is planned that ups the boost, adds a set of headers and includes some hotter cams. We can't wait to check it out, particularly with the "1G" suspension package offered by Mazdaspeed.

[Source: Beyond the Dyno]

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