Spy Shots: Ferrari F430 with removable hardtop?

This one's a little hard to explain, as it's not often you see a Ferrari F430 with a removable hardtop. As the source surmises, it could be a mule for the next F430, but it looks for all intent and purposes like a standard F430... just with a removable hardtop. On the other hand, Ferrari could actually be developing a hat for the F430 Spider in response to owner requests for it. That's not very likely either, because Ferrari owners know what they're getting, and if they're concerned the sun will singe their balding heads, then they get the coupe version. Finally, this could be a single, rogue Ferrari owner who has spent some money to make his F430 more unique than the next. Being that the car was spotted in Ferrari's hometown of Maranello and it's wearing manufacturer license plates, that scenario's unlikely, as well. We're stumped, but it's pretty clear this car, whatever it is, comes with the full sanction of Ferrari itself. What is the Prancing Horse up to here?
[Source: Autogespot]

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