Jensen Interceptor returns with LS2 V8

Click above for high-res gallery of the V Eight Jenson Interceptor

Any automotive enthusiast can quote you the story of the Cobra; the British AC Ace stuffed with a Ford V8, a strategy that was equally successful for Sunbeam with its Tiger - right down to the Ford small-block V8 - though the Cobra later got the FE big block. Perhaps less well known are the GTs to come out of Jensen. We even featured one of these more obscure English muscle-machines as a Reader Ride a while back. The original Jensen Interceptor sported a body designed by Italy's Touring, and various flavors of Mopar V8 were nestled in the nose. Nearly 40 years on, V Eight LTD is engaging in some revisionist history.

The Jensen Interceptor S by V Eight is essentially a total rebuilding of an original Interceptor, with many key areas upgraded with modern components. A General Motors LS2 sends 414 horsepower to the independently sprung rear wheels through a modern five-speed automatic transmission. The stock chassis calibration has been upgraded as well, and 17-inch wheels couple tire to tarmac. £75,000 pounds will get you a hand-rebuilt and upgraded Jensen that's a significant improvement in quality over the original, while also benefitting from decades of advancement in engine management. Some might yawn at the small block and its virtual hotrodding ubiquity, and a more esoteric powertrain swap would be equally exciting. We'd be just as puppy-dog waggy over a twin-turbo VQ V6 smashed in there, but who can argue with a vintage sports car that never fails to light off instantly, idles demurely, and can snap the tendons in your neck when you flatten the pedal, all wrapped in an uncommon body shell? Any chance we could get one to sample for the Autoblog Garage? Thanks for the tip, Pottz!


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