Bacteria in biodiesel tanks causing engine damage in the UK

Diesel fuel in Britain is now required to be blended with 2.5 percent biodiesel. Unfortunately it is already starting to cause problems for drivers. Bacteria that feeds on the biofuel component of the fuel is causing clumps to form in the fuel. The clumps are causing damage to engines by blocking filters in the fuel system. Starving the fuel pump and injectors in diesel engine can cause damage that is expensive to repair. The problem is that if fuel storage tanks aren't thoroughly cleaned out periodically by station owners, bacteria can breed in water that collects in the tanks.

In order to address the problem, station owners will have to to get into a regular maintenance routine of thoroughly cleaning out the storage tanks to eliminate the bacterial growth. The Petrol Retailers Association has issued guidelines for operators that include testing the tanks for excess water. This problem will have to be addressed aggressively because the biofuel requirement is set to increase to 5 percent in 2010.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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