Toyota has sold 100,000 Prius hybrids in Europe

Click above for a high-resolution gallery of the 2007 Toyota Prius Touring.

Of the one million Prius hybrids that Toyota has sold since its introduction in 1997, one-hundred-thousand of them have been registered in Europe. Toyota introduced the second-generation Prius in Europe and North America in the year 2000. While a hundred thousand units is certainly nothing to sniff at, it pales in comparison to the number of diesel-powered vehicles regularly sold in European lands. While hybrids have been, and will likely continue to be, the fuel-saving flag bearers in the United States, Europe has traditionally favored diesels. This fact hasn't stopped Toyota and their Lexus luxury brand from offering the gas/electric hybrid vehicles, though. It seems that the Japanese-giants tenacity in the European market is paying off, as more than a third of the total Prius sales in Europe have been made in the past twelve months alone, meaning that European sales of the fuel-efficient hybrids are on the up-swing.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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