AFVI 2008: request for music for video soundtrack

So, I'm editing together a short video of the Ride and Drive portion of the AFVI Expo that ended yesterday in Las Vegas. While we have (and often use) a piece of music we crafted ourselves as an intro and bed for our podcasts and videos, it really wasn't designed to be played in its entirety. And, since the video I'm working on has no comments, no talking heads, I thought you might want a change of pace this time. I figured at least one of our readers out there is a musician and would like to have his or her music, whether it's instrumental or have words that match out ABG theme, be the backdrop to this video.

Therefore, if you've got your music online in an easy-to-edit-in-iMovie format - along with (important) proof of either a Creative Commons license or some other way to guarantee that it's OK that we use the music - then post a link in the comments by 4 pm EST today. Alternately, if you know of come great Creative Commons music you think I should use, let me know that, too. I hope to post the video tonight, so don't delay. Thanks!

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