Minnesota passes law that will require B20 by 2015

By 2015, everyone using diesel fuel in Minnesota will have a blend consisting of at least 20 percent biofuel thanks to a new law that was just passed. Governor Tim Pawlenty signed a bill this week that will increase the current 2 percent bio blend requirement to 5 percent in May 2009. In 2012 it doubles to 10 percent and doubles again 2015.
One of the concerns with using higher biodiesel blends has been the lack of a standard for anything greater than B5. Most new diesel vehicles are already certified for operation with B5 and Chrysler ships new diesel vehicles from its factories with that blend in the tank. A standard for B20 fuels is expected to be ratified by an SAE committee within the next few months. Once that standard is in place most carmakers have already said they will test and certify their diesel engines for use with the new fuel.

The Minnesota legislation also encourages the development of non-food based biodiesel feedstocks by requiring that at least five percent of the state's biodiesel comes from sources such as algae, tallow and waste oils.

[Source: National Biodiesel Board]

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