Going somewhere? Check out this map of Low Emission Zones in Europe

We have spoken quite a lot about Low Emission Zones (LEZ) in Europe. The most well-known is the one in Central London, but we have also reported about Milan's and some German cities as well. If you want to see all of these areas at a glance, you can check this multilingual website, which includes an interactive map that includes each zone with descriptions. The website also has a very good definition of what LEZ are: "areas where the most polluting vehicles are restricted from entering an area. This means that vehicles are banned, or in some cases charged, if they enter the LEZ when their emissions are over a set level." According to the website, 28 European cities and a highway already run a LEZ scheme, while 33 will introduce it this year and five more are coming some time later.

[Source: Low Emission Zones]

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