Does diesel have a future?

Does diesel have a future? Autoexpress editor Dan Strong believes the answer is a clear no. He doesn't mince words in his new column: "Thanks to high fuel costs, tough-to-meet emissions targets and growing competition for scarce fossil fuel resources, the engine once championed for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness is finished." While the UK is getting closer to its European neighbors in the number of diesel sales, Strong believes this is not going to last.
If we're turning away from diesel, where does Strong think we have to look? Plug-in hybrids, he answers, but not those mated to diesel engines (gas-electrics are his choice). According to his information, a hybrid diesel will produce more pollutants due to the lower exhaust temperature and he wonders if it makes sense economically. Diesel fuel is actually more expensive than gasoline in the UK: £1.25
per liter compared to £1.10, which he translates into £350 more per year when driving 20,000 miles per year.

Sparkless engines aren't totally done for, Strong says, and expressed hope for HCCI (DiesOtto) engines. This technology has a very narrow powerband, which compromises reliability - but Strong says that Ford might be working on solving that issue.

[Source: Autoexpress]

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