AC Schnitzer takes on the MINI Clubman S

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The MINI Clubman isn't what we'd call overly practical, or particularly pretty, but AC Schnitzer has done its best to address the biggie-sized MINI's faults. AC's interpretation of the Clubman S begins with an increase in output courtesy of a new sports exhaust that aids breathing and increases power to 226 hp and 210 lb.-ft. of torque. A "twin sports rear silencer" ensures that you won't be irritating the neighbors on your way to Macy's, and a choice of either a simple spring kit or a height-adjustable racing suspension gives the Clubman a more sporting stance while ensuring that things remain planted if you ever decide to tackle the twisties. AC Schnitzer is offering a choice of 17x7.5- or 18x7.5-inch wheels, a new hood with a bulging power dome and aluminum pedals to round out the appearance package, along with a limited slip differential to make sure that peg-leg burnouts are kept in check while darting from stop-light to stop-light. Hit the jump to read AC Schnitzer's flowery prose about its reworked Clubman S.

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It might not transport washing machines, but it's got a big heart

The new MINI Cooper S Clubman by AC Schnitzer with up to 226HP

The name "MINI" says it all: Physically, the Clubman is not one of the biggest out there, but it's got a bigger heart than any other estate. And now AC Schnitzer provides that final endorphin surge. With its new front spoiler, giving it a harder look than standard, the Cooper S Clubman doesn't just catch the eye but demands respect. In terms of driving dynamics, the agile cornering master shouldn't be underestimated. Especially not when fitted with the AC Schnitzer spring kit or even the height-adjustable racing suspension made in Aachen. The subtle lowering flatters the well-honed figure of the Clubman. The bonnet with its striking power dome hides real muscle. After the AC Schnitzer performance training, the Cooper S develops 226 HP/ 166 kW and a torque of up to 285 Nm. Gas and away! But with spirited driving, don't forget: secure your load first!

An optional limited slip differential (up to maximum 75 percent) developed by the renowned BMW tuning house ensures that the raw engine power is always applied to the right wheel when cornering and not lost through the exhaust. Even the exhaust gas flow plays a dual role of utility and aesthetics: Not only does it drive the turbo, but the AC Schnitzer twin sports rear silencer plays an almost orchestral note. The musical masterpiece with its chromed tailpipes is also a top level eyecatcher. Like the perfectly styled alloy wheels specially designed for the MINI in Aachen. Variants available are the Bicolor wheel Mi2 in 7.5 x18" and the Mi1 in the classic AC Schnitzer look in 7.5 x 17". And naturally the passionate MINI fan wants the right accessories in the interior too. Like the attractive controls and sports pedals of aluminium - naturally from AC Schnitzer.

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