When reverse lights aren't enough. Our Lady of the Trunk

This is nearly a perfect device. If only you could record your own message – something situationally appropriate, perhaps. As it is, Our Lady of the Trunk is the perfect companion when you're preparing to worship at the feet of Our Blessed Mother of Acceleration. Most of us will have to back out of our driveways or parking spots before summoning full ahead from the propulsion plant, so offertory to these spiritual matriarchs could be considered part of the religion of driving. Really what this little doohickey amounts to is a reversing alarm, but it's apparently got a voice sample in its electronics, along with the standard klaxon. You couldn't pay a loudmouth to hang out on your bumper and announce with the authority of a 100dB sound pressure level that the vehicle is backing up, so how can you go wrong for less than ten bucks? The voice is only in English (sorry, rest of the world), but in the box are the requisite transducer and its power leads, a bracket, and instructions in three, count 'em three, different mother tongues. Father's day is coming up!
[Source: American Science & Surplus]

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