The nUCLEUS is one crazy-looking alternative motorcycle concept

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We've run across some pretty crazy-looking contraptions in our time, but few of them break with tradition with quite the verve of the nUCLEUS. Looking very interesting from every angle but the side profile, the nUCLEUS revels in its slab-sidedness, or something like that. All the necessary controls appear to be accounted for, and the video on their site shows a bit, but certainly not much, of front wheel lock for making tight turns. This is nothing more than a concept, and as such, no details are given regarding what would power this unique machine, but the designer does not have the internal combustion engine in mind. The side panels, which appear so un-aerodynamic at first glance, are actually just blades when viewed from the front and would be made from some sort of composite. We certainly don't expect to see anything quite like this for sale any time soon, but at least it's a different take on a familiar concept.

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[Source: NONOBJECT via The Kneeslider]

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