Citron installs robotized gearshift for the Nemo

Citroën has something called Sensodrive. It's a manual gearshift change that uses no clutch pedal. This system reduces gearchange times and shaves fuel consumption a bit, especially in city driving. What it is interesting is that it's only been installed in the C2 and C3 models so far. It would seem logical that this be installed in a van, a vehicle which usually gets more kilometers than a small hatchback. Finally, Senosodrive is making the jump. The new Nemo has gotten the option, which costs an extra €500. Coupled to the Nemo's gearbox, the 1.4-liter HDI engine which develops 70 HP and gets 160 Nm of torque (120 lb-ft) while being able to carry 600 kg (1300 pounds). iIt does all of this whil producing just 119 g/km of CO2 and burning 4.5 l/100 km of diesel (52 mpg U. S.) in the European mixed cycle. Don't forget the PSA biodiesel bonus: the company's diesels are guaranteed when running up to B30 blends.

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[Source: Le Blog Auto]

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