Alstare working on ethanol powered motorcycles and ATVs

Last month, motorcycle racing Team Alstare Suzuki started talking about biofuels and small engines. In collaboration with Spanish company Globasol Energías Renovables, Alstare's Belgian development center's first stab at biofuel powered vehicles resulted in an ATV which was able to run on ethanol blends. At that time, the team suggested that it was at work on a few more projects, notably an E60-powered motorcycle and small biodiesel engines. Apparently, they were serious, as their latest project, a Suzuki GSX-R1000 powered by ethanol, was just introduced. Fuel injection and computer experts Magneti Marelli helped out on the project as well. The company next plans to make an agricultural ATV powered by biodiesel.

These events could mark the introduction of biofuels into motorcycle racing. We've already seen ethanol replace racing fuel for some automotive events, so the idea of introducing the renewable fuel to bikes seems almost inevitable.

[Sources: Alstare, Faster and Faster]

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