Washington Combine Demolition Derby: Proof that awesome crops are at record levels

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What do you get when you bust out the Krylon and some stencils, add race liveries to combines, and then crash them into each other? You get the best freakin' demolition derby ever, in which the participants harvest record crops of awesome with every smash.

This, in a nutshell, is the thing of beauty otherwise known as the Washington Combine Demolition Derby. 2008's combine carnage is scheduled for Saturday, June 14, and we have never wanted to attend something more in our entire lives. Even if we don't go, at least we can still score ourselves a t-shirt or hat. How this hasn't yet been turned into a top-selling video game is beyond our comprehension -- we'd put down Prologue for this if it had online play. For a taste of the spectacle, follow the jump for video! Thanks for the tip, Scott!

[Source: GoSleepGo]

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