Green Genesis Coupe shows up, 286 hp turbo DI engine nearby?

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Two things revealed at this year's New York Auto Show had our salivary glands working overtime. The first was the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, which proved that at least one automaker (and now, two and possibly three) is getting hip to the idea that a rear-wheel-drive, two-door coupe with a turbocharged four-cylinder is needed in the marketplace. The second was over at the Kia booth, where Hyundai's sub-brand revealed its Koup concept, powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline direct-injected (GDI) four-cylinder. According to Kia, this new mill makes 290 hp and 289 lb.-ft. of torque and could power several different models in both automaker's lineups.

Fast-forward to yesterday when we received a couple of tips about a green Genesis Coupe shown at the Busan Auto Show in South Korea. The coupe supposedly shared display space with the same THETA turbocharged GDI 2.0-liter on a separate stand, causing some members of GenFans to assume that the 290 ps (285 hp) engine was fitted to the green coupe. However, the "380GT" badge on the back reveals that the coupe is actually powered by the run-of-the-mill 3.8-liter V6.

We called up Hyundai to ask about the engine and the Coupe on display. Their response: "We're not commenting on it at this time." While we understand that certain cards have to be kept close to one's chest, it would have been easier just to tell us that the coupe on display and the engine at its booth have nothing in common. Since they're remaining disconcertingly tight-lipped, can we assume that the turbocharged 2.0-liter GDI will find its way into the Genesis Coupe in the future? We hope so. And with Hyundai's recent announcement that direct-injected engines are going to find their way into several of its models, it adds that much more fuel to the fire.

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[Sources: Hyundai, GenFans]


Hyundai shows Genesis Coupe at 2008 Busan Auto Show

Busan, Korea - Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea's largest automotive company, will showcase its latest models and advanced technologies at the Busan International Motor Show 2008.

The highlight of the exhibit was its new sports car, Genesis Coupe which made its Korean debut. Hyundai also put on display two eco-friendly concept cars, `i-Mode' and `i-Blue', among 17 current production models and eight new technologies at the 2,000 square meter-stand. "Leaping into a New Era to Become a Global Premium Brand" served as the company's theme for the 2008 edition of the show.

Ahead of the public opening, Hyundai Motor held a press briefing on May 2, which was attended by James Choi, President of the company's sales and planning, among other executives and media members.

"I'm honored to present Hyundai Motor's advanced technology and future ideas here in Busan, the future maritime capital of North East Asia for the 21st century," said Mr. Choi. "The Genesis Coupe, which is being introduced for the first time in Korea, has the best motor performance and braking power in its class and will be able to confidently compete with existing high-performance coupes."

Hyundai Motor will provide top-class entertainment for visitors, by playing music from Korean dramas that gained immense popularity from other Asian countries, including `Winter Sonata.' Hyundai Motor will also host a pop-opera, as well as invite performances by various Korean pop stars.

Through these high-class entertainment and diverse events, Hyundai Motor wants to show that an industrial & technical exhibition can also become a fantastic cultural event. The company will do its best to provide visitors with fun and entertaining events.

Commercial Vehicles:
Hyundai Motor also prepared a separate area covering 800 square meters that will showcase its commercial vehicles under the theme of "Confidently Moving Forward with Our Advanced Technology." On display will be five commercial vehicles, including three eco-friendly models, as well as engines and advanced technology. The pavilion will be the largest for a Korean commercial vehicle maker, proudly presenting Hyundai's leading technology.

The Hyundai Motor Commercial Vehicle Division's exhibit will consist of Trago 6x2 Tractor Highroof, Trago 25.5t dump truck, Mega Truck Double cab, UNIVERSE Express LNG Bus and New Super Aero City Non-Step Low-Floor SE bus. Also on display will be examples of Hyundai's latest technologies including the independently developed F, G, H and Powertec engines which deliver the most powerful performance in its class. Low emission systems of exhaust treatment technologies will also be displayed.

The All-New 300 Hp Genesis Coupe:
The Genesis Coupe was introduced to the world for the first time in March, at the New York International Auto Show. The Genesis Coupe is a purpose-built rear-wheel drive sport coupe featuring two performance-focused engines - a 215-horsepower (est.), 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a range-topping all-aluminum, 303-horsepower (est.), DOHC 3.8-liter V6 engine.

Genesis Coupe is also unmistakably linked to several Hyundai concept cars. The powerful curves, undulating beltline, surface detail, and "Z" bodyside lines come straight from the HCD9 Talus and the HCD8 sport coupe concepts.

The 2004 HCD8 sport tourer concept´s sensual body forms influenced the overall design direction of Genesis Coupe. Genesis Coupe´s arching roofline and tapering greenhouse highlight the exterior profile and emphasize the car´s broad shoulders and wide stance. The Genesis Coupe´s rocker panels are drawn close to the ground making the bodysides extra thick and the daylight opening thin, allowing the wheels to be slammed up into bulging fenders. To complete the aggressive sports car look, the depth between the fenders and the greenhouse has been maximized. Large openings in the front fascia allow for better engine breathing. The dual exhaust tips integrated into the rear fascia with surrounding blackout repeat the design theme of the front fascia graphic. Genesis Coupe rides on standard 18-inch alloy wheels or optional 19-inch wheels, both delivering a bold stance and aggressive handling.

Interior Design:
In keeping with its mission to be the most exciting, attainable sport coupe on the road, the Genesis Coupe boasts a cockpit designed to enhance the driving experience. An information display screen features an outside temperature reading and audio system information. Analog gauges include a large speedometer and tachometer positioned so the driver can immediately access critical driving information. The instrument cluster features Hyundai´s signature blue gauge illumination.

Bucket front seats with large side bolsters offer excellent lateral support for enthusiastic driving. Among the other refinements are an Infinity audio system and two-stage front seat warmers. Genesis Coupe also offers the convenience of a Smart Key and push-button starter.

Based on its superior quality, along with its dynamic exterior design and luxurious interior space, Genesis Coupe will in the future confidently compete with the Infiniti G37, Audi TT, BMW 3 series and Mercedes-Benz C Class.

Hyundai Motor will begin domestic sales of the Genesis Coupe in September, gradually expanding sales to the U.S., China and other regions.

i-Mode, Exploring New Directions in Eco-Friendly Technologies:
Hyundai Motor introduced its concept car "i-Mode", which was first unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in March. "i-Mode" is a 6-seater monocab study that incorporates high-tech materials, a world premiere seating concept and state of the art communication solutions into a completely new vehicle impression. The i-Mode is an innovatively styled, eco-friendly and socially adaptive vehicle. The imposing mono-volume architecture provides an invitation to travel, explore and relax within the concept of moving cocoon.

By working together with the partners Bayer MaterialScience AG, Keiper and LG Electronics, Hyundai is continuing a cross-industry co-operation to drive new technologies faster to market. The co-operation with Bayer MaterialScience enabled the complex curvature and radical design departures of the i-Mode innovations to be implemented more quickly. The materials used are lighter and more adaptable than the metal and glass they replace. This, in combination with a light weight body construction, reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emission. Self-healing water based bodywork finishes from Bayer add to the environmentally friendly concept of the vehicle and even let minor scratches magically disappear by themselves. The i-Mode is the first vehicle to feature the new "BayVision" glazing system and Collimator headlight lenses made from Makrolon.

Through the advanced multimedia and entertainment concept developed by LG electronics, the vehicle becomes an extension of the digital home, allowing passengers to stay connected, communicate and interact in the car and beyond. Access to the web, video games, movies or video calling are all possible through the pop-down touch-screen displays and webcams, located within the overhead console. A wireless network enables a selection of cable-free keyboards, game controllers and headphones to further personalise the entertainment experience. The advanced developments seen on the i-Mode give a dynamic indication of real possibilities for the near future.

Hyundai's engineering partner Keiper supported the i-Mode project with the exclusive world premiere of its new and unique Swivel Seat concept. The first row passenger seat cleverly rotates to face second and third row occupants. When the seat is turned in a flowing movement, the backrest converts into an equally comfortable seat surface. This is made possible by a fully concealed, power-operated kinematic system. The integrated seatbelt system – another technically advanced debut – and the adjustable headrest maximize passive safety for passengers in either sitting position. The second row bench slides rearwards to increase comfort and create a social space for communication. This seat concept intelligently avoids problems of complex or flexible seat mounting weaknesses.

The i-Mode is powered by an all-new 2.2-liter R diesel engine which, in a novel concept, allows intake air passing through a low-pressure turbocharger from where it is forced into a high-pressure turbocharger for making maximized boosts: 158kW (215PS) and 47kg.m (461 Nm) maximum power and peak torque respectively, endow the R Engine with a power density in excess of 70kW/L. When comparing a low-end torque of the two stage turbo system with that of the standard R engine, the value of faster take-off acceleration is apparent.

i-blue Range of Advanced Eco-Dynamic Vehicles:
Hyundai Motor presents the i-blue concept, an optimized combination of currently available technologies (i-blue package) with a completely new engine and a CNG application. The i-blue concept, which was developed at Hyundai's research center in Japan, is an eco-friendly model that emits nothing but water.

CO2 emissions are at the core of eco-politics - Hyundai can make even further progress in reducing CO2. As the need to reduce green house gases, cut consumption and preserve resources becomes ever more imperative, new developments are crucial. With the i-blue concept, Hyundai has combined several cutting edge technologies to meet ever-rising customer and legislative demands.

At the Geneva International Motor Show in March, Hyundai Motor unveiled three i-blue line-ups, including i10 blue, i10 blue CNG and i30 blue.

i-30 Blue:
With the 90PS new 1.6CRDi diesel engine, the i30 5-door emits an impressively low 125 g/km CO2. With the i-blue package, this is reduced by 15.2% lowering the CO2 emissions to just 106g/km. Naturally, this percentile reduction is also reflected in reduced fuel consumption.

"Blue" represents Hyundai Motor's eco-friendly strategy and related technologies.

Hyundai and the Eco-Sphere:
Hyundai has always been at the forefront of ecological consideration. From the very beginning, we have offered our customers the best possible economy combined with technology designed to protect them and our world. Long before legislation arrived, Hyundai had cut pollution in all of its factories and introduced recycling codes.

Few other companies can demonstrate this level of environmental involvement. So to us, i-blue is the next logical and practical step in providing our customers with the best proven, most reliable and affordable ecological technologies, while honouring our on-going commitment to their world.

Major New Technologies:
Hyundai Motor displayed a number of new technologies that will lead future trends in the automobile industry. These technologies will make vehicles more environmentally friendly and perform better:


Design for Recycling System

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Platform

Sonata LPI Hybrid

Tau Engine

Theta Turbo GDI Engine

In-car PC system

Genesis Multimedia System

Driver Information System & Mozen MTS450

Lexicon Sound System

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