Corvette ZR1 production set at 2,000 units worldwide

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Corvette ZR1 chief engineer Tadge Juechter recently sat down to participate in a live chat on GMNext to answer questions about Chevy's new supercar, with topics ranging from fuel-economy to production numbers.

GM hasn't run its fuel economy test yet, but in a previous release from the General, it expects the ZR1 to be the most fuel-efficient 600-hp vehicle on the market. Juechter did say that the ZR1, "will be somewhat less [fuel-efficient] than a Z06," which is currently rated at 15/24 by the EPA, "and we expect a small gas-guzzler tax [on the ZR1]." Production will be limited to 2,000 units each year for worldwide consumption and pricing will be revealed sometime this month.

Juechter went on to say that ZR1 accessories wouldn't be made available for lesser Corvette models, so buyers won't be able to option up for carbon-ceramic brakes or Michelin tires on their Z06s. When asked if engineers considered all-wheel-drive for the ZR1, he emphasized that making the vehicle as lightweight as possible was a top priority and that an AWD system "would have added too much mass." And on the topic of price gouging by dealers, Juechter said only one thing: "We're strongly encouraging dealers to charge MSRP." Good luck on that.

[Source: InsideLine]

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