Speed-control radars blown up in France

A new speed control radar has been blown-up in Saint-Gervais in the French department of Val-d'Oise. This is the twelfth such radar that has been destroyed in the past year. Ten out these 12 bombings were claimed by a group named FNAR (Fraccion Nationaliste Armé Révolutionaire), although nobody has claimed this bombing yet.

As in Rotterdam and Barcelona, French authorities have installed the radars to reduce car accidents (France has one of Europe's highest accident rates) but also to lower pollution levels by forcing speed reduction. However, voices are being raised against the radars because some claim they are just one more source of income for authorities rather than a security or environmental measure. Still, it is one thing to believe that and quite another to blow up the little boxes.

[Source: Le Figaro (h/t to Dominique for the tip)]

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