Jason Calacanis borrows Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster

That's Jason at the wheel - Photos by CK Sample III

For those unfamiliar with the history of this site, a little background. AutoblogGreen and our elder sibling Autoblog are both part of the Weblogs Inc. network of blogs. Weblogs Inc. also includes sites like Engadget and its off-shoots, Joystiq, TUAW, Cinematical and many more. Weblogs Inc. was founded by a gentleman named Jason Calacanis and his business partner Brian Alvey in 2004 and in late 2005 they sold the company to AOL who own it to this day. Jason eventually went on to some other endeavors and most recently launched a human generated search site/directory called Mahalo.com. Along the way he also decided to plunk down some of the cash that he accumulated from building and selling his various enterprises on a Tesla Roadster. Jason wasn't one of the earliest customers and unlike everyone but Tesla Chairman Elon Musk has yet to receive his new battery-propelled speed machine. Fortunately for Jason, Elon apparently took his kindergarten lessons in sharing to heart and decided to loan production Roadster #1 to Jason for a bit and Jason shared his good fortune with his own staff at Mahalo. Check out the Flickr photo set here and Mahalo's Roadster page here. And for the record, yes, it is a slow news day.

[Source: Jason Calacanis, CK Sample III - Flickr]

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