Rendered Speculation: Another take on a new Ford Capri

The original Ford Capri was born in the early '70s as sort of a European take on the all-American Mustang and it looks like Ford may be on the verge of reviving the nameplate. Now that the Volkswagen has brought back the Scirocco (in Europe at least) Ford looks set to create a coupe off the Focus platform with the old name. Unlike another rendering we saw last month, this one doesn't have the rear fender vents, but sticks with the current fashion of front fender openings (or at least the appearance of openings). The style of this rendering takes the kinetic design language of Ford's Euro line and applies it to a shooting brake-style coupe very similar to the Volvo C30 (which also sits on the Focus C1 platform) and mixes in hints of the Mazda RX-8. At least it's all being kept in the family. If this new Capri does happen, it likely won't appear before the early years of the next decade, although a concept could appear somewhere in 2009.
[Source: AutoExpress]

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