Porsche-o-philes Alert: CAR celebrates 60-years of Stuttgart's finest

Click above for a high-res gallery of Porsche pictorials, courtesy of Car.

Every time we hit up our local newsstand, ten minutes is inevitably spent flipping through the automotive masterwork known as Car. Unfortunately, we have a hard time justifying the exorbitant price tag, so it's a rare occasion when we walk up to the register and plunk down our hard-earned $10.95. But when the August 2008 issue hits the shelves, it's coming home.

Car is doing a 60-year retrospective on Porsche, looking back on the storied marque from Stuttgart to attempt to find the ultimate model to wear the crest. Thankfully, the cash-strapped among us can join in the fun. Car is running dozens of features on its website that correlate with its print issue, including new and archived reviews, stories of Porsche's racing triumphs and videos, plus one absolutely addictive game that's kept Editor Neff sated while recovering from another trip to the dentist.

Naturally, no Car-created retrospective could be complete without stunning photography to match the mag's pithy prose. We've assembled a small gallery of some of our favorite pics from the website, but you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't go to Car Online to enjoy the features first hand.

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