Owner takes Prius topless, makes hybrid convertible

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Some modifications improve the breed; others are just plain stupid. We'll let you decide on this one. A forum member at PriusChat by the name of Exproducer spent six months and over $17,000 modifying his Waveline Blue Prius to get the open-air experience that was obviously lacking from his life. The amount of mods necessary to remove the roof and install the electrically operated soft top are staggering. The side airbags had to be nixed and the rear seats no longer fold down. The antenna had to be removed and relocated to the dashboard, and the trunk has lost half of its usable space with the top folded down. However, what's even more disturbing is Exproducer's claim that while fuel economy has dropped by two MPG with the top up, it's actually improved by four MPG when he's cruising with the wind in his hair. Since Toyota spent millions of dollars on wind tunnel testing the Prius to make it slippery as snot, we somehow doubt the validity of those figures. Regardless, head on over to PriusChat if you want to read up on all the details of the build.

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