Daimler reduces book value of Chrysler stake by two-thirds

Daimler may have divested 80.1% of its ownership in Chrysler, but the German automaker is still feeling pain from the Pentastar. The value of Daimler's portion of Chrysler has dropped from $2.18 billion to $852 million not even a year after the two parted ways. The loss of nearly $1.4 billion in value is a fair chunk of change, even for the mighty Daimler, but the news is not all bad for company shareholders. If Daimler hadn't sold Chrysler to the private equity firm Cerberus as fast as it did, the automaker's stock would likely be in much worse shape.

Since the privately owned Chrysler, LLC doesn't have to report earnings, it claims that its fiscal standing is all peaches and cream. According to Chrysler, the company has had positive earnings since it was bought out by Cerberus last year. The official line that explains the discrepancy with Daimler's reporting is that U.S. accounting rules are much more favorable than those overseas. Damn accountants.

[Source: Automotive News - subs. req'd]

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