A123 Systems IPO a go!

A123 Systems is pretty hot right now. How hot? It's got more sizzle than the A123-powered Killacycle (pictured above). It's been on the receiving end of $100 million investment dollars in a little over a year. That's definitely hot. And it's not all about "what ifs" and "could bes", these guys are making all kinds of batteries for companies like Black & Decker and Hymotion. They are testing with GM's Volt and stand a good chance of becoming the main supplier (or at least one of the main suppliers) for that model. So it seems A123, as they say, will strike while the iron is hot and issue an IPO.

According to Scott Kirsner over at Innovation Economy, the deal could put the company's worth up around $1 billion. If you want to get in on the action you should have the whole summer to save up. Kirsner predicts September will be the magic month.

[Source: Innovation Economy via GM-Volt]

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