Pennsylvania commuters can win free gas for carpooling and taking the bus

Pennsylvanians who want to take one of the easiest possible steps to reduce vehicle emissions, congestion and fuel use (I'm talking about carpooling here) are getting a push from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The PA DEP's is promoting a summer-long "Share the Ride Challenge" that targets Susquehanna Valley commuters. The Challenge starts tomorrow and officially continues through September 30 and asks people to carpool or use public transportation at least ten times in those 22 weeks. Is that even a challenge? Ten times? Baby steps, I guess. Ambitious commuters could knock ten rides down in two weeks. If you'd like to participate, visit the Challenge website and register an account. Prizes include restaurant gift cards, free gas (oh, the irony) and more. Even though the prizes end in September, there's really no limit as to when carpooling makes sense.

[Source: PA DEP / Yahoo]

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