Nissan 360: the Note

The Nissan Note was the smallest of the "big" cars we sampled at Nissan 360. Sold in -- yet again -- Europe and Japan only, the English-built Note hatchback has been on the market for just a year. The car is aimed at "parents who need a practical five-seater," and the inside of the car feels like it's custom made to handle bouncing, throwing, stomping little ones. The front seatbacks even have little tray tables with cupholders in them. It's like coach class, but actually enjoyable.

The Note is basic, but nothing about it feels cheap. The only real issue we had was the tire noise that drowned out the four-cylinder, 110-HP mill. Due to that alone, the peppy little Note was the loudest car we drove all day. And while the super comfy fabric seats looked great, their coverings are perforated. The first time a McDonald's shake gets spilled -- or, heaven forbid, something that spoils -- we wouldn't want to be the ones who have to get the mess out of each little pore.

You can check out the Nissan 360 event site for more details on all the vehicles in Nissan's lineup. In the mean time, be sure to check out the gallery of hi-res photos below.

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Our travel and lodging for this media event was provided by the manufacturer.

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