Will your green car give you cancer?

"Yikes! What are you even talking about? I only wanted a hybrid, not cancer!", you might be thinking to yourself after reading the headline. Well relax, it's probably nothing. But apparently in addition to being a danger to blind pedestrians, the hybrid car is now being looked at askance by some people because of the electromagnetic field (EMF) it produces. Are we serious? Well, no less than the New York Times brought it up in its Sunday edition.

Although we are reminded by the article that many of us use electric blankets and cell phones, some folks were concerned enough about the readings they took on hand-held EMF field-strength testers that they actually sold their hybrids. The maker of a particular tester defended its use for automotive purposes despite the fact that it is set up to measure alternating current (AC) fields as opposed to the direct current (DC) of car systems saying, "Generally, an A.C. meter is accurate in detecting large electromagnetic fields or microwaves." The car manufacturers, Honda and Toyota, were both quick to assure that there is absolutely no danger presented by the fields which are well beneath European guidelines. (There are currently no federal standards in the U.S.). The article didn't mention any health benefits of switching to a zero emissions vehicles. Our health suggestion? (Note: we are bloggers, not doctors) Eat well, exercise and relieve your stress by reading AutoblogGreen every morning.

[Source: New York Times]

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