Autoblog Chinese wraps up 2008 Beijing Motor Show

We're proud as peacocks of our blogging brothers at Autoblog Chinese who, in blogging parlance, tore the 2008 Beijing Motor Show a new one. We showed you just a sampling of the dozens of cars they covered at the show, as the team from China truly left no rotating turntable unturned. If you want even more Auto China 2008 coverage, just click on one of four wrap-up pages below and don't stop until you've seen every clone, concept and production car that was unveiled in Beijing last week. You may not be able to understand the language they're speaking, but the pictures more than get the point across.

AB Chinese: Wrap-up 1
AB Chinese: Wrap-up 2
AB Chinese: Wrap-up 3
AB Chinese: Wrap-up 4

Our favorites of the show were the Buick Invicta Concept, Geely Tiger GT Concept, Beijing 700R Concept and Honda's Li Nian Concept.

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