The Voltzilla forklift electric motorcycle is so DIY it's beautiful

DIY to the max is one great way to describe the Voltzilla homemade electric motorcycle you see in the picture above. The Voltzilla (also called the ForkenCycle) is the creation of Russ Gries, who was able to score a free (if old) battery-powered forklift from his work and then bought (for $50) a 1976 Honda CB550. Our friend Darin interviewed Gries over at Ecomodder. Gries says that while he "loves to tinker," gas engines are not his friend. Working on the EV motorcyce was a lot more fun. Plus, since he was able to sell the forklift chassis for scrap, the total cost for the Voltzilla thus far is $15.61. Now that's cheap. Since the bike is based on the forklift, there are a number of differences between this motorcycle and other EV two wheelers: it's 24 volts (instead of the more common 48), it has a transmission and a reverse gear. With the cheap cost, you can safely guess that those are some golf cart batteries moving the Voltzilla along. Check out Ecomodder for more details. Thanks to James and Darin for the tips! There are some sweet videos of the Voltzilla after the jump.

[Source: Ecomodder and Treehugger]

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