G-Wiz drivers smiling as refinery strike limits British gas

Drivers of the much-maligned Reva G Wiz, the all-electric quadricycle, have reason to smile this morning as they pass by filling stations with long queues and rationed supplies. The reason for the mayhem can be traced directly to an upcoming two-day walk out by 1,200 employees at Britain's third largest refinery at Grangemouth. Ineos, the refinery owner, has made changes to its worker's pension arrangement which would appear to be unacceptable to the Unite union and negotiations have failed to halt the shutting down of some of it's production in preparation for the labor action.

The results of the disagreement are more wide-ranging than just two days of reduced supply. It takes time for a facility of that nature to return to its previous capacity so the effects might be felt for up to three weeks. BP's Forties pipeline may also have to be shut down because of the walk-out which could cost the companies and the government each £25 million a day. Although motoring organizations had advised motorist not to "panic-buy", supplies at many Edinburgh gas stations were getting low and one had already gone dry, according to an article in the Guardian.

[Source: Guardian]

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