Video: New and improved G-Wiz gets a test drive and the letter i

Often when a product is "new and improved" the upgrades are mostly to the packaging. In the case of the Reva G-Wiz, the ever popular letter "i" added to its moniker gives us the external change while the majority of improvements lay unseen beneath the dent- and scratch-proof ABS body panels. This doesn't mean they will go unnoticed as evidenced when Danny Fleet of EV vlog, Danny's Contentment, takes us for a spin in his latest test-driving episode. He catches even the subtlest of differences like the curve of the windshield and the heavier "thunk" of doors that have been modified with better side impact protection.

Many of the changes in the new Wiz are safety oriented but there are performance improvements as well. Top speed has increased to 50mph while the acceleration is smoother and quicker. Range is now just short of 50 miles in the cool climes of the British Isles but, of course, YMMV. Check out the London retailer, GoinGreen for the complete rundown of the technological advancements.

Watch Danny in all is test-driving glory after the jump. Also check out the bonus videos of G-Wiz crashes before and after the improvements.

[Source: Danny's Contentment]

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