Bertone design division goes independent

The future of Bertone has taken a big step in the right direction on the road to recovery with the company's design division, Stile Bertone, spun off as a separate entity. Ownership of the newly independent design house will be split between the Bertone family (49.5%) and the Italian courts (50.5%), with former Aprilia motorcycle chief Teresio Gaudio coming in as managing director.

Gaudio's task will be to increase the company's bottom line by decreasing overhead and increasing revenue, but that's a whole lot easier said than done. Further workforce reductions will be required. Developing markets like India and China will play a big role in the atelier's future, as the company's expertise is still highly valued in such countries. However, Gaudio says it will be several years before Stile Bertone returns to the black, while the courts will maintain ownership for at least three years. Meanwhile the Italian courts are still looking for a buyer for Bertone's manufacturing division, where 1,300 employees are currently being supported by social security.

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