Xtreme Motorsports to offer a high performance electric sandcar

Extreme Xtreme Motorsports already sells a line of EPA-compliant recreation vehicles known as sandcars, and they are looking to reduce the environmental impact of those sandcars even further. To that end, Xtreme has completed engineering and manufacturing plans of a new all-electric sandcar. The new "Zero Emissions Sandcar" technology will be available in both the Sportster and Dune Racer models as of April 28th, 2008, and the company says that three are already reserved for 2009. Azure Dynamics provides the lithium ion battery, motor and controller for the new recreational vehicle, which is able to accelerate from zero to seventy miles per hour in just five seconds on the way to a top speed of 105 miles per hour. Xtreme cites a 200-mile range, which seems awfully high for this amount of performance. According to Alan McCaa, president of Extreme Motorsports, "It's just pure, clean, non-polluting off-road fun!" That's a concept that we can really get behind.
[Source: Xtreme Motorsports]

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