Spied on the Nuerburgring: You tell us

Wednesday, I was surfing the Internets on my iPhone, checking all my usual sites, one of which is the Nuerburgring Web cam. Usually I either get pictures of an empty staging area or darkness. But this time I got the photo you see above. And, yes, we realize the quality isn't that great. I had to take a picture of my iPhone's screen since it's incapable of sending or downloading photos from the Net. But maybe that will be fixed in June.

Various Autoblog team members have taken guesses at what this mystery car might be, but we can't definitively pin it down. Someone guessed the Gumpert Apollo Hybrid. Another guess was a Le Mans prototype of some sort. I'm not convinced it's either.

So we present this Web cam mystery to our readers. Anyone have any clue what this might be? Click on the photo for a larger (yet no less blurry) photo.

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