Going, going, GONE: SRT8 Challengers sold out

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As expected, the entire first-year production run of 6,400 Dodge Challenger SRT8 models has sold out. The purchase slots for 2008 models were in short supply two months ago when we reported that more than 10,000 orders had been placed for the 425-hp muscle car. You can still give your dealer all the coins in your piggy bank, but the money goes on the hood of 2009 model, scheduled to arrive this fall.

If the thought of missing out on one of these rare 2008-model HEMI-powered beasts is keeping you up at night and you just can't wait for next year, there's always eBay. Although Chrysler tried to dissuade dealers from gouging, more than two dozen of the $37,995 (base MSRP) cars have been put on the auction site -- mostly by speculating dealers with prices in the mid-$50,000 range. Ah, the joys of a free market...

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