Chevrolet announces 2008 Cobalt XFE improvement

Soaring gas prices and tightening credit are currently pushing consumers into smaller, cheaper, more fuel efficient vehicles. However, due to past demand for high-powered, high capacity people haulers, the current economy car market consists of fairly slim pickings. Many great developments are on the horizon, but the high cost of new technologies and the lengthy wait time do not do much to help buyers today. That is why, in order to snag a larger market share of drivers trading in their big toys for small appliances, Chevrolet has reprogrammed the Cobalt to offer the best fuel economy in its class. The new 36 mpg number (up from 31) is the result of a few tweaks in engine mapping, lower roller resistance tires and perhaps some gearing adjustments. All LS and 1LT five speed manual transmission models ordered on or before March 17th will receive the fuel sipping changes. The vehicles will also be equipped with a distinguishing XFE badge, standing for Xtra Fuel Economy (although it would be more edgy if the X stood for Xtreme).

[Source: Autosavant]

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