In Indiana E85 station subsidies can go to government too!

Indiana may soon get a whole bunch of new E85 outlets, or not. At least station owners inclined to sell E85 will be able to get a helping hand from the state government thanks to newly-passed legislation. The state has set aside $1 million that will be available to filling stations of the retail and government variety in $20,000 increments. That money will help offset the cost of installing E85 capable pumps to fill up some of those flex-fuel vehicles. Unlike most such programs, private operators aren't the only ones eligible. So-called "local units" can also apply for the grants. These are municipal fleets that include police and fire departments many of which now have flex-fuel vehicles. Indiana also offers other incentives such as an 18-cent-a-gallon sales tax break on ethanol fuel. Over the past year, Indiana has opened four new biodiesel and eleven ethanol plants in addition to one existing plant that previously existed.

[Source: Ethanol Producer]

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