Mazda speeds up the production of the Tribute Hybrid

Mazda introduced the Tribute hybrid at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show and initially sold it in small quantities in California. The first customers must have been happy and it seems that the hybrid SUV has now proven what it's capable of. The Tribute hybrid is now available throughout the United States available in California and there are no other plans to introduce it to other markets.

The Tribute is a full time hybrid which can run in EV mode up to 25 mph and has an I4 2.3 liter engine good for 133 HP, complemented by a 93HP electric engine mated to Nickel-Cadmium batteries. The car meets California's strict Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle requirements by achieving Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle II standards. Mileage is 34/30 mpg (hwy/city).

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[Edited: The Tribute is only sold in CA]
[Source: SF Chronicle via Leblogauto]

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