Courier company Lungta already using EVs

Do you need a small package or documents to be on the other side of the city, like immediately? What do you usually do? You can call your local courier company. They will likely quickly deliver your stuff using a van, a truck, or, in some cities, a motorbike or bicycle. However, if you're in Paris, there's a company that will green up your rush delivery because they only use electric scooters. The company is called Lungta, "Le coursier écolo." The company promises to deliver up to 100kg of documents everywhere in Paris only with electric power without any parking hassles and with no fumes. Lungta claims that their service produces up to 40 times less CO2 than using a diesel van and their prices are quite decent: €10 to €40 depending on service.

[Source: Lungta (thanks to Dominique for the tip)]

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