Geely TX4 LTC show car turns London taxi into hot rod. Sort of.

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Geely builds the LTI TX4 under license, and naturally, it's showing off the popular London taxi at its display in Beijing. The standard TX4's kind of vanilla though, so to grab showgoers' attention, the automaker has also plopped an electric blue "hot rod" version called the TX4 LTC in its display, as well. It might more appropriately described as a " not rod", since the TX4's stock 2.4L Euro IV-compliant diesel remains underhood. For maximum visual effect, Geely appears to have raided the Chinese equivalent of a Pep Boys, adding a faux dual exhaust, bolting on truck running boards and fitting six-spoke wheels that might be just a smidge oversized. Call us crazy, but it looks like turning could become a bit of an adventure.

Inside, the passenger compartment gets a white interior and possibly some stereo upgrades along with a nice photo of Big Ben on the bulkhead. You might be stifling a giggle, but compared to some of the vehicular insanity that's showed up at previous years' Chinese auto shows, the TX4 LTC is almost boring, and even with that stock engine, lead-footed hacks can probably still smoke Geely Beauty Leopard drivers at red lights. Just don't take the bait and follow them into the twisties -- you might run into some issues.

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[Source: Autoblog Chinese]

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