Beijing 2008: Geely CE concept makes its debut

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Ok, the Geely car parade at Beijing is officially in full swing. One of the good-looking renderings we posted during the runup to the show was of the CE concept, a small hatchback that looked like it could just as easily be an Acura that's slumming in the entry-level class. In the metal, it looks pretty much exactly like the rendering -- a well-styled little Acura 5-door hatch. Only that's the Geely badge on that shield-shaped grille. It It is better-looking than any of Geely's current market offerings, and that's about all there is to say, because we have neither interior shots nor technical details to flesh things out any further. As such, we'll treat it as a styling exercise that's likely got Honda/Acura designers grumbling under their breath, and Chinese showgoers and (potential car-buyers) nodding approvingly.

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