Watch out, Vin! Malaysia to cane street racers

Since the plot details were released, we know that the upcoming Fast and Furious film won't have Dom and Brian visiting Malaysia to race cars on public roadways, and it's a good thing since authorities there are getting ready to enact a new law against street racing, the penalty for which is three strokes of the cane! Malaysia's new law is actually targeted against motorcyclists racing through the countryside around Kuala Lumpur, but we suspect they wouldn't appreciate a heavily tuned Supra doing it either. The new laws would exact a $1,597 USD fine, five-year jail sentence and three-year license suspension... for a first time offender. Get caught again, if you're that stupid, and the fine rises to $3,178, a minimum 10 years jail time, five-year license suspension and you get the whip. Oh, and they'll destroy your vehicle, too. We suspect street racing won't be a problem in Kuala Lumpur for too much longer. Thanks for the tip, GZ Expat!

[Source: Channel News Asia]

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