Regional government wants companies to switch to electric bikes

The Region of Cantabria, Spain, has announced a plan for companies to switch from gasoline motorbikes to electric units. The plan, called BioBike, is aimed to business which use motorbikes for pizza, courier and postal deliveries as well as police patrols. The Government will give tax exemptions as well as direct subsidies for purchase of electric motorbikes. No word on conversions.

According to Cantabria, a company can substitute a 50cc moped for a 1.5 kW electric unit, a 80cc bike for 2.5 kW electric, and large 400cc units by 20kW motors. Range usually varies between 60 and 150 km, which is plenty since these vehicles perform errands in a range of less than 100 km per day in urban settings, and can be recharged in four to six hours. I'll give them a hint: help these guys.

[Source: Econoticias]

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