BMW's Definitive Guide to owning The 'Ring

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While John and Alex are battling it out in GT5, those of us unable to drop the coin on a new PS3 will have to make due with our aging PS2 and GT4. But we don't feel too bad. Because despite the GT5's new physics engine, online play and host of new features, it's missing one very important thing: the Nurburgring. For those of you (like me) that barely bother with the rest of the circuits and make a B-line for the 'Ring whenever you're looking for a quick, four-wheeled fix, we've compiled the definitive guide to the Nurburgring, courtesy of BMW, in a gallery below. All 28 pages are available for your perusal, study and obsession, so you can dominate the 'Ring in the virtual world or if your ever lucky enough, the real one. You've got your homework people. Enjoy the weekend.

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