Guangzhou's Armada buys 207 hybrid buses

Armada, an "integrated group mainly engaged in bus tourism" with more than 5,500 buses running, is going to purchase 207 hybrid Eaton buses. The buses come from the same company that recently signed a large deal with Coca Cola. The powertrain is made up of a 6-cylinder diesel Cummins unit and a 44 kW electric motor. The buses will be delivered by Eaton from the U.S. but will be mounted completely in China. Guangzhou already has a test fleet of 30 hybrid buses.
Compared to the existing LPG units, fuel consumption is reduced by 60 percent (but let's not forget to take into consideration the higher energy density of diesel), CO2 production figures are 25 lower and both NOx and particulates figures drop proportionally. Armada's fuel bill will be also 40 percent cheaper thanks to fuel savings.

[Source: Eaton via Moteurnature]

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