Click and Clack take (another) detour onto the small screen

Last July, we told you that Car Talk's Tom and Ray Magliozzi were in the process of creating an animated series for PBS about the Tappet brother's on and off-air hijinks in Harvard Square. While you'll have to wait until July 9th for the first of ten episodes of "As the Wrench Turns," later this month, Click and Clack will be starring in a Nova production entitled "Car of the Future," where Tom searches for a suitable candidate to replace his rarely running and often maligned '52 MG roadster.

Like many of us, Tom and Ray grew up with the idea that transportation in the 21st century would have evolved into a utopian wonderland of flying cars and an oil-free existence. Obvious, that's not the case. So the duo headed out to the Detroit Auto Show and the Alt Wheels Festival in Boston, as well as a brief stint in Iceland where the northern nation is ramping up hydrogen fuel cell development, to find out what the future holds. If you want to get your daily dose of bad jokes and incessant cackling, set your DVRs to record the on April 22nd at 8 pm.

[Source: NYTimes and PBS]

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