VIDEO from Medialink and General Motors: Earth Day 2008 - Recyclable Cars

Pop Quiz time! What's the most recycled product in the U.S.?

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Automobiles. The EPA says that 95 percent of all cars are recycled, and 84 percent of the vehicle is recycled by weight on average. Those are pretty good numbers to be sure. The video seen here explains that the process of recycling cars is highly profitable, making it good business sense in addition to being an environmentally-sound process. In fact, automobile recycling is the sixteenth largest industry in the U.S., which is much larger that we would have guessed had we not heard this news back in January. Still, it's a number we're happy to see. The accompanying press release is pasted after the break.

Press Release:

VIDEO from Medialink and General Motors: Earth Day 2008 - Recyclable Cars

What is the most recycled product in the US? Newspapers? Water bottles? Actually, the surprising answer is automobiles. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 95% of all automobiles are recycled, beating both paper and plastic. Millions of vehicles will reach the end of the road this year and the Automotive Recyclers Association is predicting 11.4 million of those will be recycled.

The junk yards of yesterday are quickly being replaced by today's automotive recyclers. These high-tech facilities are capable of recycling more than 84% of a vehicle and preventing millions of tons of automotive parts and materials from going to landfills. Advanced technology in this industry allows everything from floor mats and instrument panels to upholstery, aluminum and steel to be recycled for use in new automobiles and other consumer products.

The raw materials that go into building a vehicle are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, so manufacturers are not only designing how a car will be put together but simultaneously how it will be taken apart. U.S. automakers continue to research and implement new technologies to make their cars more recyclable and ultimately have less impact on the environment. Vehicle recycling is the 16th largest industry in the country; a market-driven and highly profitable business.

[Source: GM]

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