Spy Shots: Dacia Logan 4x4 knows no fear

The Dacia Logan is the Go Go Gadget economy car of Eastern Europe. First there was the Logan, then there was the Logan race car, then there was the Logan pickup, and next up is the Dacia 4x4. It has the mien of a scrappy little guy who'll take on anyone and anything. If it could talk, it would say "Yeah?! Who wants some?!" in Romanian.
The pictured car, though, is merely a mule. The finished product is expected to look much more... finished. Even so, it'll be a tiny little thing riding sky high on little wheels, but we don't doubt it will look pretty cool (Lada Niva, anyone?). Although if you were thinking about getting a Dacia off-roader for your jaunts around the Transylvanian hinterlands, the spy shooter cautions "It's not going be the safest and best looking SUV out there, but it will sure be the cheapest."

[Source: Winding Road]

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