Rumormill: Next BMW 7 Series to offer four-wheel steering?

Just yesterday, we reported that the new BMW 7 Series (F01) will be fitted with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Now we are hearing rumors that the 2009 flagship sedan will be available with four-wheel steering, as well. While we understand the consumer-driven technology battle going on between the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series, the addition of a four-wheel steer option (with the added mechanical complexity and weight) just doesn't seem to make much sense to us these days - the '80s are over. The 7 Series isn't designed as a canyon carver, so we can rule out the handling advantages. Integrated "all around" cameras and parking sensors have simplified parking, so that's not an excuse. Lastly, sophisticated electronics can now modulate brakes, throttle and even the steering rack to compensate for vehicle instability. BMW is understandably tight-lipped about details... and this type of feature is obviously difficult to discern from spy shots. Drat!

[Source: BMW Blog]

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