It's no West Wing: Japanese drama debuts about woman car salesman in '70s

All you vintage Japanese automotive fans, we may have found your show. It's called "Top Sales" and is being broadcast in Japan by the government-funded NHK media giant. Apparently (we don't speak Japanese, so we are taking someone's word on this), the plot has to do with a young woman's journey through the male-dominated automotive sales industry at a fictional company called "Omiyake Motors." As success often happens so readily on television shows, she starts out on the car lot in sales and quickly works her way up to president of the company. We'll admit that doesn't sound overly exciting, but the show is set three decades ago - this means a lot of thinly-disguised 70's-era Toyotas, Nissans and Hondas zooming around. See if you can name some of the classics in the screen shots... Thanks for the tip, catgirlshyla!

[Source: Auto-Otaku]

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